Uniting all sports under one banner, bringing sports-lover from different corners of the world to create a fantastic community



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MiniSportZilla PROJECT

Minisportzilla’s mascot is a hybrid Doggy-Godzilla-Borg that loves
to play sport! Our community is here to unite every Sports-lovers amidst the diversity and to show everyone that we are best community-driven project. MiniSportZilla has 3 main features, token reflection upon trades, Automatic LP, and upcoming NFT, Minigames, and Sport TV.

Games & Project Development

Minisportzilla is 100% SAFU

The project has applied for 3 different audits, and has performed KYC on different platforms, more details can be found on our whitepaper.

InterFi AuditDessert Finance AuditSolidity Finance AuditKYC @PinksaleWhitePaper


NFT Collection (Coming Soon)

MiniSportZilla is going to have their very own NFT collection, the cuteness of MiniSportZilla in different sports collection is one to die for. Every character in its own Sports Attire, CUTENESS MADNESS! This will drop alongside the NFT Marketplace. 

NFT Design

Play2Earn MiniSportZilla Minigames

The All-in-One sports minigame is an olympic-themed Play2Earn game where users are free to choose their favorite sport.

Where else can you play your favorite sport while earning $MINISPORTZ?

The Minigame will be released on both IOS and Android platforms.

SportZilla TV

World's first Sports Streaming Channel integrated with the blockchain!

Ever Imagined having an exclusive streaming channel to watch your favorite sports?

Basketball, Rugby, Soccer, American Football, Badminton, Table Tennis, Swimming, Athletics,
and so many more you name it.

The SportZilla TV will be your one stop streaming service for every sports channel from around the world and exclusive only for the MINISPORTZ holders.


Phase 1 – Warm-Ups

Concept Development

Design & Graphics


Presale @Pinksale

Launch on Pancakeswap

Huge Marketing Campaigns

CG & CMC Listing

5000 Hodlers

Phase 2 – Exhibition

Massive Marketing Campaigns

Twitter, Youtube, & Tiktok Influencers.

Huge Social Media Presence

Celebrity Influencers


10000 Hodlers

Phase 3 – Elimination Stage

Continuous Marketing Campaigns

Merchandise Store Launch

CEX Listing

SportZilla TV Beta-Testing

25000 Hodlers

Phase 4 – Quarter Finals

NFT Marketplace Launch

P2E Minigames Launch

More CEX Listing

SportZilla TV Official Launch

Celebrity Influencers

50000 Hodlers

Phase 5 – Finals & Beyond

MiniSportZilla Wallet Release

MiniSportZilla Swap Launch

MiniSportZilla Own Exchange Release

Huge Tesla Giveaway

100000 Hodlers




1 Week After Launch

MiniSportZilla will be giving out 3 unit of PS5 to 3 lucky winners. Winners shall be drawn randomly from the TOP 200 Holders by the end of the 1st week after launch.

@ 5 Mil Market Cap

MiniSportZilla is rewarding its believers with 3 brand new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3. Winners shall be drawn randomly from the TOP 200 Holders by the time we hit 5 Mil Market Cap.

@ 20 Mil Market Cap

MiniSportZilla is rewarding its DIAMOND HOLDERS with signed football shirt from professional football celebrities. Winners shall be drawn randomly from the TOP 100 Holders by the time we hit 20 Mil Market Cap.

@ 50 Mil Market Cap

MiniSportZilla is giving away 1 tesla for a lucky winner, which shall be drawn randomly from the TOP 20 Holders at 50 Mil Market Cap


Frequently asked questions

What are MiniSportZilla’s main features?

1. Token Reflection, where holders gain more $minisportz as the time goes. So, sit back, relax and watch your $minisportz grows by itself.

2. Automatic Liquidity, every transaction is automatically allocated to PancakeSwap liquidity, and of course your bag is 100% secured.

3. Minigames, sports lovers get to play any type of sports they like in one platform, the MiniSportZilla minigame provides them all, and our GOATED team came up with all-in-one NFT integrated sports minigames that lets you earn WHILE you play!

4. SportZilla TV, to satisfy your need over sports even more, we are going to have EXCLUSIVE sports streaming channel dedicated to our $MINISPORTZ holders. Why watch your favorite teams play through YouTube or other basic platforms.

Is MiniSportZilla safe?

Building trusted and beneficial community is our #1 goal, “MiniSportZilla is 100% SAFU” is our statement. MiniSportZilla received KYC on @PinkSale and has applied for 2 audits and whitepaper contained detailed information about the project will soon be posted on the official website. Not to mention that MiniSportZilla acknowledged and carries supports from several sport athletes, journalist and even former champion wrestler.

How will we know who wins in the giveaways?

The winner for the giveaways will be announced on our official Telegram group @MiniSportZilla, along with other latest news and information about MiniSportZilla.

How did MINISPORTZILLA collaborate with these famous sports celebrities?

Because we have experienced team behind the project 😊

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